An industry standard for any BIM Project is to start with the BIM Execution Plan, however they can have varying degrees of effectiveness.  Why?

This event will focus on questions such as:  What is the purpose of a BExP, Who creates it, How does the team use it, and what resources are there to create them.  We will not shy away from the challenging sections such as the infamous LOD chart.  Come with questions for the panel as we will open it up for Q&A and poll the audience for opinions.


  • Amal Madanat, Multiplex Construction Canada
  • Kristof Janukiewicz, Walters Inc
  • Patrick Saavedra, York University
  • Chris Febbraro, RJC Engineers
  • Akira Jones, H H Angus

February 5th 2019 
University of Toronto
40 George Street Auditorium, RM 1170

Second Annual BIM Survey

This initiative is a collaboration between Researchers from the University of Toronto’s Building Tall Research Centre and the Toronto BIM Community with full endorsement by RESCON, buildingSMART Canada, and Canada BIM Council and will extend from coast to coast across Canada. 

English Survey     French Survey

“The first annual BIM survey in GTA was a great success; with over 250 respondents it was the most participated BIM survey in Canada. This year we are expanding the reach from coast to coast and expect to double the number of respondents. This data will be used as the benchmark for all future BIM surveys in Canada.” Arash Shahi, Associate Director of Building Tall Research Centre and Academic Chair of tBIMc.  

The goal is to collect a comprehensive understanding of BIM application in Canada compared to other countries around the world, as well as gain insight regionally within Canada.  The data collected will be of use to the UofT to direct and inform research projects going forward, as well as to tBIMc to determine strategic planning as a response to regional needs and to many organizations to generate national initiatives.  The results of the survey will be formulated into a report for release in Spring 2019.

“The need for objective feedback from Canadian’s regarding BIM implementation nation wide is needed as a means to further develop and advance” according to Claudia Cozzitorto the Executive Director of tBIMc.  

The success of this survey will rely on a diverse group of respondents, not specifically BIM advocates or BIM professionals. It is a 10-15 minutes survey primarily multiple choice with the opportunity to provide general feedback and to volunteer to be interviewed.  This feedback is important to the further improvement and implementation of BIM in Canada.

The first Annual Survey conducted last year focused on BIM application within in the Greater Toronto Area, a copy of this report can be downloaded here.  


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