The Women in tBIMc is a sub-group of WiB global community.  We are revolutionary leaders, risk takers and agents of change to share and discuss practical approaches for advancing women into BIM in the Canadian AECOO industry.  We promote an atmosphere for the dissemination of knowledge from leaders, employers and programs supporting these leaders and women who aspire to be in this field and lead the industry themselves.

WiB aims to provide  networking opportunities preparing women for leadership roles. Also, beyond just networking, we hope that Women in BIM  leads to connections between mentors and mentees, forging key relationships leading to successful careers.

Keynote Speaker:  Lauren Lake, COO & Co-Founder of Bridgit

  • Amal Madanat, Multiplex (Moderator)
  • Shalevia Briscoe, Arup
  • Alex Buda, Plan Group
  • Raquel Casares, Procore

Event Plan:

  • 6-7pm keynote speaker and panel discussion
  • 7-8pm structured networking
  • 8-9pm networking and mingling

Drinks and Food will be served.

Sponsors: Multiplex, Arup and Procore


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