how do you BIM?

Different titles, same roles. Same titles, different roles.
BIM Leaders sharing insight into the role.


Discrepancy and lack of clarity exist in the BIM industry related to titles and their roles (BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, BIM Directors, Design Technology Manager, VDC Manager, BIM Lead, Director of Digital Practice, Digital Design Manager) and their responsibility’s range in scope, we will discuss these issues and about the role of being a BIM Leader.

Join us on October 23rd at the George Brown College Waterfront for a panel discussion on their roles, learn how they got there, how do their roles align with the Canadian Handbook, the UK Standards and what tips can they share with all of us.


Kathy Kajaks from Stephenson Engineering
Laura-Lee Moran from Smith + Andersen
Love Kinger from Gillam Group
Mehrdad Tavakkolian from Tlogic
Nicholas Dabideen from Quadrangle

23rd October 2018 at George Brown College Waterfront, Auditorium, RM 237

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BIM Report (UofT+tBIMc)

The First Annual BIM Survey in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was conducted by researchers at the Building Tall Research Centre at University of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and the Residential Construction Council of Ontario

This project was motivated by the lack of a credible benchmark for BIM implementation in the GTA. With over 250 respondents of the survey and more than 20 in-person interviews, this survey is the first BIM survey of this scope to be completed in Canada. Read more here.

Get the Survey Report Here