Why become a Member

Membership to the Toronto BIM Community is free, there are many benefits to becoming a member:

  • Access to tBIMc events
  • Members are listed on the tbimc website (opt out option available)
  • Links to BIM Resources and other BIM Organizations
  • Networking
  • All members will be notified of upcoming events, we will offer a wide range of events in the GTA from workshops to networking where a local community from all segments of the construction industry (AECOO) where BIM is the common ground.

    Types of Events:

    • Discussion panels
    • Networking events
    • Case study demonstrations
    • Vendor Showdown – Problem solving demonstrations
    • Tours 
    • Innovation talks / Idea Sharing
    • Ask the Expert (Q and A)
    • Hands-on Labs


    • Open BIM – Integrating multiple BIM platforms into the workflow
    • Integrated Project Delivery
    • Legal Aspects of BIM – Liabilities (IBC Contract Appendix)
    • BIM Execution Planning
    • BIM Management topics
    • Data Mining Models
    • BIM and FM
    • IBC Practice Manual – coming soon
    • Collaboration methods and tools