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First Annual BIM Survey

The First Annual BIM Survey in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was conducted by researchers at the Building Tall Research Centre at University of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and the Residential Construction Council of Ontario

The Building Tall Research Centre is housed within the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Toronto and its mission is to cluster, highlight, and promote research related to tall buildings from multidisciplinary technical perspectives. The Residential Construction
Council of Ontario (RESCON) is Ontario’s leading association of residential builders committed to providing leadership and fostering innovation in the industry. Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) is the local BIM community in the GTA, and an affiliate of buildingSMART Canada. tBIMc’s mandate is to promote the use of BIM from design through construction and into operations, as well as to share ideas and facilitate opportunities to create solutions to the shared challenges faced by the local BIM community.

This project was motivated by the lack of a credible benchmark for BIM implementation in the GTA. With over 250 respondents of the survey and more than 20 in-person interviews, this survey is the first BIM survey of this scope to be completed in Canada. This survey will be repeated every year for the next five years by Building Tall and its reach is expected to grow beyond the boundaries of the GTA and to expand across Canada. The insights from this project will be shared with the industry as a whole on a yearly basis.

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The research team from Building Tall welcomes feedback from anybody who reads this report and has any suggestions on how to improve the future iterations of this survey.  Please don’t hesitate to email with your comments or reach out to any of us at Building Tall, or our partners at RESCON and tBIMc.


Past Events



The use of Reality Capture technology has become more common in recent years in architecture, engineering and construction industries.  At this event we will learn how our industry leaders are currently applying reality capture, research being done to expand its application and where this technology is heading in the future.  The presentations will be followed by an open question and answer panel discussion.


April 2018:  Virtual & Augmented Reality

January 2018:  IPD and BIM

On January 31st, members of Toronto BIM Community were hosted at George Brown College for a sold-out event on Integrated Project Delivery & BIM! With over 150 attendees, and fantastic speakers, BIM IPD turned out to be a great evening full of intriguing ideas for those of us who are interested in BIM and its applications in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries.

After brief updates from the tBIMc board, colleagues at George Brown provided an introduction to their BIM program, and announced the various funding grants that they have been able to secure for BIM research ($1.2 Million) and Equipment and facilities ($1.2 Million). George Brown continues to be a leader in developing the much-needed BIM talent in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond!

Markuu Allison, the president of Integrated Project Deliver Alliance (IPDA), gave a very interesting presentation on his experience with IPD over the years, and shared numerous and very valuable lessons learned with the group, demonstrating how IPD is the optimum way to engage BIM! Markuu’s presentation, which also includes links to interesting studies in this field, can be found here.

David Dow from Diamond Schmitt Architects was the second presentation of the evening, and shared some of the recent experiences of Diamond Schmitt with IPD projects across Ontario. David talked about how “Big Rooms” are critical to the success of an IPD project and what needs to be included in these facilities in terms hardware and skill-sets. David also gave a great overview of the different design and collaborations tools that they use, in addition to BIM, to better navigate the unique requirements of an IPD project.

Evening was wrapped up with a lively Q/A session with the audience! The fantastic turn-out at this event encouraged tBIMc to continue to plan similar events going forward. The next tBIMc event on the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality for design and construction is coming up in April 2018. The results of the First Annual Toronto BIM survey will also be announced at that event.

IPD Resources (courtesy of Markuu Allison from IPDA):

  • Markuu Allison’s Slides
  • IPDA LCI IPD Lean Case Studies 2016
  • IPDA IPD Survey Report
  • MHC SmartMarket Reports
  • Various papers on IPD

Feedback on event

October 2017:  The BIM Sandbox: Successes and Challenges of Sharing BIM

We strive to increase BIM collaboration and model sharing – this opens up many opportunities as well as challenges.  This panel discussion will have representation from various disciplines to shine light on how diverse the use and collaboration of BIM is, providing different perspectives and experiences.


Akira Jones, H.H. Angus
Gary Watson, Diamond Schmitt
Ian Trudeau, Entuitive
JB Reyes, Engie MultiTech
Michael McLean, Western University
Thomas Strong, Ellis Don

Questions came from tBIMc Members.

1. What does collaboration mean?
2. In a perfect world, what would BIM collaboration look like?
3. What is the greatest advantage and greatest risk of collaboration?
4. What is the key ingredient to collaborative BIM?
5. Does your expectation on collaboration change depending on the project delivery of the project?
6. In your opinion why do we see resistance in sharing BIM between the parties
7. Describe your current collaboration system
8. Any technology solutions you have implemented to aid in BIM sharing
9. Has interoperability been an issue for you and if so how did you overcome it.  Did you implement IFC or BCF?
10. Is collaboration standard practice or is it a ‘value add’?
11. How have you handled concerns over copyright or liability issues, use of disclaimers or specific BIM contracts?
12. Where do you see BIM going in a near AND far future?

June 2017:  BUILD tBIMc Launch Event

The BUILD tBIMc Launch Event was a success!

We asked the Toronto BIM community for feedback and we got it.  Take a look at all the great ideas for our future events and see how it will shape the group.  Stay tuned for upcoming events.


tBIMc and George Brown College signed MOU

We are excited to announce the new relationship between the Toronto BIM Community and the Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management at George Brown College through the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding.
Our common interest in Building Information Modelling (BIM) education and research, both parties wish to expand the collaborative relationship between them. In an effort to close the gap between academia and the construction industry, specifically around the implementation of Building information Modelling and all the developments and advancements at its periphery.


  • To foster an Academic-Industry partnership that can serve as a national model for advancing Canadian BIM Research and Development initiatives and successes.
  • To demonstrate how Academic – Industry partnerships can work together for mutual benefit as well as to advance the use and improve the effectiveness of BIM implementation for the Canadian, and more specifically the Toronto, construction industry.  
  • To further tBIMc’s mandate to connect the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators (AECOO) through BIM.
  • To stimulate exchanges between industry and college professionals.
GBC –SCM and tBIMc see that a partnership between academia and industry is mutually beneficial and we are working on creating joint projects, workshops, seminars and like.
If you are interested in being involved send us an email.

tBIMc and UofT Researchers Affiliates

We are very excited to announce the new affiliation between Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and researchers from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto (U of T).

Our vision for this University-Industry partnership is to advance Canadian BIM Research and Development initiatives.  tBIMc industry members will now have an opportunity to share BIM implementation challenges and successes with the researchers at U of T who are able to use that insight to direct their research.

This partnership’s goal is work together to advance the use and improve the effectiveness of BIM implementation for the Canadian, and more specifically the Toronto’s construction industry.  Furthermore, tBIMc’s mandate to connect the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators (AECOO) through BIM now extends to include the important research and development in the Academic sector.

This new partnership will stimulate exchanges between industry and university BIM professionals and will provide a platform for developing new talent in this area.  We are working on an exciting upcoming project, which will be launched at our next tBIMc event hosted at the University of Toronto on October 18th 2017.