Third Annual BIM Report

Results from the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) survey have been published in a report that explores views about BIM from more than 800 Canadian respondents – primarily BIM users – over the past three years. The report provides valuable documentation and benchmarking indicators of Canada’s BIM transition progress and process.

The annual BIM survey is a collaborative effort between academia and industry to capture and illustrate the state of BIM implementation within the architecture, engineering, construction and facility management industries (AEC/FM) in Canada. It has been conducted by the Building Innovation Research Centre at University of Toronto in collaboration with Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON), Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and this year with AECO Innovation Lab. The effort was motivated by the lack of, and thus need for, an industry benchmark for BIM practices in Canada.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Ninety-four per cent of participants acknowledged that BIM is the future of project information and design practices.

  • Ninety per cent of participant organizations have adopted some level of BIM in their current operational workflow, and 80% of the remainder indicated that they have plans to implement BIM in the next few years.

  • Eighty-eight per cent of the participants shared their BIM files with at least one external organization, with one-third of participants engaging five or more parties.
  • Nearly half of survey participants encountered interoperability obstacles in their projects. Despite the potential of OpenBIM to address this, 43% of participants were not aware of OpenBIM.

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Second Annual BIM Report

Building Tall Research Centre at University of Toronto first partnered with the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON). and Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) in 2017 to conduct a detailed survey of BIM implementation within the Canadian architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management industries (AEC/FM). It was motivated by the lack of a consistent benchmark for BIM implementation in Canada. Starting small, the effort resulted in the 1st Annual BIM Report – 2018 for the Greater Toronto Area1.

Although, the first report focused on only one economic region of Canada, it had overwhelming support from the local industry with over 250 respondents to the survey and more than 20 in-person interviews. The success of the first survey attracted interest from national organizations, CANBIM and BuildingSMART Canada, and motivated the research team to expand the survey scope to include the entire country.

Around the world, countries are integrating innovative BIM-based processes and analyses throughout their AEC/FM industry. Most, if not all, achieved this in a top-down approach through national mandates requiring BIM for all public and/or private projects. As of 2019, Canada is the only G7 country without a national BIM mandate. Instead, the BIM momentum is being driven outward from the middle by the design community. As the visibility of BIM grows, the push upstream to owners and downstream to contractors is making evident the value of BIM processes and efficiencies. Governments and regulators are recognizing the potential for reducing time and red tape, and for improving process transparency. We anticipate that these annual reports will capture this revolution as BIM philosophies are embraced throughout the Canadian industry.

As always, the research team at BuildingTall welcomes feedback from anybody who reads this report and has suggestions on how to improve its future iterations.

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First Annual BIM Survey

The First Annual BIM Survey in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was conducted by researchers at the Building Tall Research Centre at University of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON).

The Building Tall Research Centre is housed within the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Toronto and its mission is to cluster, highlight, and promote research related to tall buildings from multidisciplinary technical perspectives. The Residential Construction
Council of Ontario (RESCON) is Ontario’s leading association of residential builders committed to providing leadership and fostering innovation in the industry. Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) is the local BIM community in the GTA, and an affiliate of buildingSMART Canada. tBIMc’s mandate is to promote the use of BIM from design through construction and into operations, as well as to share ideas and facilitate opportunities to create solutions to the shared challenges faced by the local BIM community.

This project was motivated by the lack of a credible benchmark for BIM implementation in the GTA. With over 250 respondents of the survey and more than 20 in-person interviews, this survey is the first BIM survey of this scope to be completed in Canada. This survey will be repeated every year for the next five years by Building Tall and its reach is expected to grow beyond the boundaries of the GTA and to expand across Canada. The insights from this project will be shared with the industry as a whole on a yearly basis.

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The research team from Building Tall welcomes feedback from anybody who reads this report and has any suggestions on how to improve the future iterations of this survey.  Please don’t hesitate to email with your comments or reach out to any of us at Building Tall, or our partners at RESCON and tBIMc.