One Ontario partners with the Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) in new Streamlined Data and Information Exchange Collaboration    

The AECO One Ontario – tBIMc Partnership will drive research into a BIM enabled Development Approval and Permitting Process – generating improved levels of productivity for all stakeholders.

Toronto, Ontario: AECO Innovation Lab is proud to announce that the Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) has joined the One Ontario Program.

tBIMc’s mandate is to promote the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) from design to operations and for all stakeholders involved in the AECOO industry.  To help solve the challenges of BIM Implementation and encourage its use to bring value to the process through the increased centralization and standardization information.

One Ontario is a new, collaborative Research and Development Initiative, engaging all levels of government, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies, software providers and academics – to create innovative data exchange guidelines to harmonize the municipal development approval process. The resulting communications protocols will dramatically decrease permit application times, improve enforcement and reduce burden costs to every municipality.

“Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) has a strong and growing membership of more than 700 professionals within the AEC sector in Ontario, many of whom interact with Ontario municipalities on regular basis as permit applicants or stakeholders. Active involvement of tBIMc and its membership is critical in future proofing One Ontario by enabling us to incorporate the capabilities of BIM for municipal operations. Through representation of the architects, designers, and engineers who often drive the development applications, tBIMc provides an invaluable applicant perspective to the One Ontario initiative”. Says Arash Shahi, CEO of AECO Innovation Lab.

Claudia Cozzitorto, Executive Director of tBIMc states, “The One Ontario initiative is of great importance to solidify the implementation of BIM within the AEC industry and municipal governments, it will bring opportunities and value to the development application and permitting process beginning with automated code compliance check but will go far beyond that in the future. The process and data standardization will be of great value to the AEC by bringing continuity across projects within Ontario, without it there will inevitably be an individualistic approach that will result in more time and money.  The collaboration of standardized data is the foundation of which many opportunities can follow.”

One Ontario Stakeholder Benefits

  • Municipalities – Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Costs, Enhance Application Quality
  • AEC Industries – Speed Development Review, Increase Certainty, Increase Productivity
  • Provincial Government – Reduce Barriers, Better Informed Policy, Spur Job Creation
  • Software Companies – Realize Client Needs, Lower R&D Costs, Improve Product Adoption

For more information about how One Ontario will drive the digital revolution in Ontario – visit

tBIMc and George Brown College signed MOU

We are excited to announce the new relationship between the Toronto BIM Community and the Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management at George Brown College through the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding.
Our common interest in Building Information Modelling (BIM) education and research, both parties wish to expand the collaborative relationship between them. In an effort to close the gap between academia and the construction industry, specifically around the implementation of Building information Modelling and all the developments and advancements at its periphery.


  • To foster an Academic-Industry partnership that can serve as a national model for advancing Canadian BIM Research and Development initiatives and successes.
  • To demonstrate how Academic – Industry partnerships can work together for mutual benefit as well as to advance the use and improve the effectiveness of BIM implementation for the Canadian, and more specifically the Toronto, construction industry.  
  • To further tBIMc’s mandate to connect the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators (AECOO) through BIM.
  • To stimulate exchanges between industry and college professionals.
GBC –SCM and tBIMc see that a partnership between academia and industry is mutually beneficial and we are working on creating joint projects, workshops, seminars and like.
If you are interested in being involved send us an email.

tBIMc and UofT Researchers Affiliates

We are very excited to announce the new affiliation between Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and researchers from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto (U of T).

Our vision for this University-Industry partnership is to advance Canadian BIM Research and Development initiatives.  tBIMc industry members will now have an opportunity to share BIM implementation challenges and successes with the researchers at U of T who are able to use that insight to direct their research.

This partnership’s goal is work together to advance the use and improve the effectiveness of BIM implementation for the Canadian, and more specifically the Toronto’s construction industry.  Furthermore, tBIMc’s mandate to connect the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators (AECOO) through BIM now extends to include the important research and development in the Academic sector.

This new partnership will stimulate exchanges between industry and university BIM professionals and will provide a platform for developing new talent in this area.  We are working on an exciting upcoming project, which will be launched at our next tBIMc event hosted at the University of Toronto on October 18th 2017.