tBIMc and UofT Researchers Affiliates

We are very excited to announce the new affiliation between Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc) and researchers from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto (U of T).

Our vision for this University-Industry partnership is to advance Canadian BIM Research and Development initiatives.  tBIMc industry members will now have an opportunity to share BIM implementation challenges and successes with the researchers at U of T who are able to use that insight to direct their research.

This partnership’s goal is work together to advance the use and improve the effectiveness of BIM implementation for the Canadian, and more specifically the Toronto’s construction industry.  Furthermore, tBIMc’s mandate to connect the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators (AECOO) through BIM now extends to include the important research and development in the Academic sector.

This new partnership will stimulate exchanges between industry and university BIM professionals and will provide a platform for developing new talent in this area.  We are working on an exciting upcoming project, which will be launched at our next tBIMc event hosted at the University of Toronto on October 18th 2017.